Health & Fitness Coaching—We’re Committed to Your Success

Have you been working out on your own without seeing results? Wondering how to get started at the gym-how get more movement into your life? Or, maybe you're in a rut with your current fitness program? Total Customized Fitness is your coach and confidante: We'll design a customized fitness program for your needs, pair it with nutrition (through our Nutrition Management consultation), and hold you accountable with ongoing support whenever and however you need it.

Our method. Fitness consulting begins with an in-depth conversation so we can understand you. We evaluate the big picture-access to equipment/gym, work/travel schedules, home responsibilities-and drill down to your specific fitness goals. What motivates you? Then, we customize a plan and provide continued support so you can succeed.

Ready to Commit? Our customized fitness programs are geared toward your success. We call it Commit 2 Fit, and it applies to nutrition, fitness or both. Here is how it works.

You commit:

  • Schedule initial consultation.
  • Download, fill out and email Commit 2 Fit forms.
  • Attend initial consultation (in person or phone) and co-create a total customized fitness program.
  • Follow the first week's plan!
  • Connect with trainer in person or by phone once a week.
  • Repeat steps 4 and 5 three more times!
  • Accomplish your goal.

We commit:

  • Create your customized fitness program.
  • Meet with you for a private, initial consultation, plus weekly meetings (in person or by phone).
  • Create your own private client success web page.
  • Support you daily.
  • Hold you accountable without judgment.
  • Accomplish your goal
  • Follow-up accountability

Commit 2 Fit Nutrition and Fitness Programs

Daily Maintenance

  • Program for clients who need daily accountability and support, whether to review specific training progress or accountability
  • Weekly consultation/goal setting review
  • Client success web page and/or tracking
  • Weekly meeting (phone or in person)
  • Daily support via internet or phone
  • Unlimited emails and phone calls

Weekly Maintenance

  • Program for clients who need accountability on a weekly basis
  • One consultation/goal setting review
  • Client success web page and/or tracking
  • Weekly meeting (phone or in person)
  • Weekly support with email and phone

You are Committed!

  • For clients who have reached their goals
  • TCF is always available for support at any time!
  • Help others reach their goals by sharing your success.