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Live Active DVD with Traci Fisher

Get your heart pumping with the Live Active Fitness DVD, with easy-to-follow exercises specifically designed for Heart Health! Traci worked with Drs. Gillinove and Nissen to provide an exercise program that is geared towards the novice as well as the experienced fitness enthusiast. There is no equipment necessary, although you can add as you get stronger and need more of a challenge. The DVD comes with an easy-to-follow calendar divided into four-week increments, complete with daily workout recommendations. There are six unique workouts that target your entire body. You can mix and match the workouts to fit your body, goals, and preferences. Progress at your own level as Traci walks through the exercises and then ramps it up, all the while explaining the purpose of each exercise and how to engage your muscles and heart. GET PUMPING TODAY!

Instructor Traci Fisher is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, golf fitness instructor, and health and fitness speaker and consultant. Traci is nationally certified through the National Sports Association of Medicine, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, Titlesist Performance Institute and holds many other certifications in various training modalities.

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