Group Training Designed to Keep You Moving

There's power in numbers. Group fitness training is an effective complement to personal training and a successful stand-alone approach for reaching your fitness goals. You'll forward your fitness momentum by tapping into the energy of a group in motion. Plus, group fitness training allows you to build positive relationships with others who share your values and can keep you accountable.

Flexible coaching. Total Customized Fitness trainers are nationally certified in group and personal fitness training, and they are hand-picked for their expertise, delivery and ability to bring the best out in our clients. Because of our trainers' certifications, you can enhance a class experience with one-on-one training from the same professional. During classes, we take the time to "huddle" and consult with you to help you achieve better form and fitness.

Your pace. Our instructors mix it up during group fitness classes. We maintain a fun, energetic environment that challenges you to take your movement to the next level. Our trainers make every participant feel welcome and successful. We make sure that no one in any class is left behind.

Class Variety. We offer classes in circuit training, strength, plyometrics, BOZU training, TRX training, kickboxing, abdominal, core work, isometrics, cardio, spinning and you name it.


"TCF provides us with fabulous instructors for all of our group class needs. They are a cut above."  -Corporate Client


"I never miss a class that Traci teaches.  She is organized, upbeat, and tells us exactly where we should be feeling it.  I am so much more aware of my muscles and balance."  -Country Club Member


"This is too much fun to be exercise!"  -Corporate Client