Total Customized Fitness—Your Health is Our Passion

We believe in living life fully-loving what you do, and bringing passion to your work, home and community. To do this, we need to feel our best, and that means prioritizing our health. When we make wellness matter, then we can tap our potential and embrace new opportunities. The power of good health is real! We believe in it, and that is why we love what we do.

Our Core Values. At Total Customized Fitness, our core values are passion, relationships and health. Every one of our team members lives the values that we execute in our work. We're different than other coaching or fitness/nutrition trainers because our programs are all centered on your goals. We listen to you so we can understand your needs. Then, we partner with you to co-create a plan that is relevant, sustainable, rewarding-and fun!

We're Here for You. We're your guide on the journey toward a healthier you. We bring the knowledge, tools, support and expertise to get you started and take you to the next level. And, we truly care about making your life better by improving your health. There is nothing more gratifying than that.